Friday, July 9, 2010

We're Cool Man

Bob watches-- pipe in mouth

You can see the damper on the left to adjust air flow.
Up and over the back garage door, and through the wall.

It took 2 years, my threats, and the accounting firm who did Bob's taxes to screw up--for it to happen.
The shop finally has a cooling system!  Ta flipping Da!  Yes, one of the largest accounting firms in Albuquerque: "REDW" checked the wrong box on some form and thousands of dollars were overpaid to the Feds.  Doing last year's taxes my smart husband found the inconsistency.  Sometimes two heads are better than one.
 Into the shop it makes a turn to run the length of the garage.

Our main evaporative cooler is a Mastercool for the main house.  It is about the size of a small car.  I am not an HVAC expert...but when we bought the house...somewhere I read the square footage this Mastercool could accommodate.  It was twice the size of our house.  I had the idea to run a line off the main duct that goes into the house out to the shop.  After a few stops and starts...we figured a way to do it.  Bob designed a custom damper.   The guys finally finished it today.  Now to have insulation and stucco put around it.  It's a bit of an eyesore with the shinny duct work outside...but that will be finished, and painted.  No where in the house can you see it, maybe from the pool.
 The long duct has a vent for each garage bay.  One above my work bench.

Of course we had 3 weeks of near 100 degree temps in June with only fans blowing.  Now that we have a's cooled off outside. :-)   Bob spends the bulk of his day, 7 days a week in the shop.  I kind of shot myself in the it's so comfy...he'll never leave!  One day, when we sell this place...the next owner may use the garage as a garage that is "climate controlled." 
Ending with the 4th vent in the last garage bay. Cool!

One company wanted nine thousand for a different system.  One wanted to put in a separate unit and it would be five thousand, plus.  This was under three thousand, and will pay for itself in years of comfortable workers-US!  I have to say it: cool man!  :-)

Thanks for reading.  I'm still amazed that you do!


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  1. suz, too COOL!! love it and am glad that you are now cool...wait, you've always been cool.