Thursday, July 8, 2010

Team Etsy Project Embrace

I joined the team when I was struggling with Dennis Hopper's illness, and got so much support when he passed.  Living with Lupus has proved to be difficult as of late.  They are so supportive of me, and of each other.  I can't wait to check our forum everyday!  We are a bunch of treasury making maniacs.  Treasuries are the front page of Etsy. Besides that --we offer support, and donate proceeds from our shops to the American Cancer Society.  And our treasuries make the front page a lot!

YAY for our wonderful team!!!

For more information about the team...check out our team page or our blog.
Team page on Etsy:

Thanks for reading. I'm still amazed that you do!



  1. Hi Suz: So glad that your bunny dennis inspired you to find and join EPE. Your empathic sharing about that and your own struggles are touching and is what this team is throwing hearts etc at the chats, of course!

  2. It's been a very exciting and heartwarming day!

  3. YAY! So glad you are a part of the team!! It's a wonderful group of fabulous folks... and treasury-makers and chatter and artists and sellers and all that goes between!