Monday, April 11, 2011

Angle Wings

A Langashan and a knock kneed Brahma 

The chicks are starting to get their back feathers.  When they first come out, they look like small angel wings.  Specially the buff Cochins.  They are growing like toddlers do.  They are taller every day, but about the same width. Their legs are very long for their bodies.  The one Brahma looks like she has knock knees!  Today the winds have died down, and I plan to make them a playpen in the yard as they are ready for some scratchin' and diggin'.
Nap time.

When they fall asleep their eyes start to close and heads droop, and then legs fold.  Beaks down in the litter.  You can see one above on it's way, and two beak down.

Black Cochin: look at those leg feathers!
I have put in  a new feeder. It's actually a rabbit feeder.  They do well with this one in a cage.  Now they have 2 feeders in the nursery.  
New feeder

Myster E is sooo much smaller than the others, but holds his own.
The "Boss" of the hens.
A pecking order is forming.  The buff Cochin standard size hens are the "Cappos!"  :-)  Then the Langshans because I think they are all roosters. :-(   Myster E is the the boss of the bantys.  He has 3 banty buff Cochin hens and 2 buff Silkies that he is clearly the leader.  
She absolutely is the friendliest of them all.
Myster E looks more like a baby bird, than chicken. 
Myster E levels the playing coop. :-)
I started putting pieces of wood in different thicknesses, as well as a small lightweight ball in the nursery.  Chicks are very curious and need stimulation.  They will peck at the ball, and hop on it, and move it all around the nursery. The different height steps give them "perching power" and they fly on and off them.  Sort of a chicken playground.  

Off I go. Mothers Day orders from my Polkadot Magpie Shop.  I am finally at the tail end of the bronchitis.  
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  1. Suz - your chicks are getting so big!! I love seeing what you call "angel wings" - so cute! I remember having chickens growing up and I loved going into the coop and sitting with all the little 'cheep, cheep' sounds around me.

  2. I keep learning about pecking order etc from a local friend who raises these guys. Lovely to see your brood!

  3. Lol~ so many feathers! We've had our chicks out in the sun for the past day or two. My girls chick-sit while the peck, dig, fly and run! It's great to see them in their natural habitat! Your little chicks are looking lovely!

  4. Ohmygosh! They are so cute!!!! I love the little guy with the speckled face <3 So cute!!
    If you have any reading time- here are my little 27 chicks ;)