Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chicken Fitness Program

Buddy sits where the gate will be. He will be given the task of guarding Ft. Chicken.

I can happily say "Ft. Chicken" is coming along!  The entire roof is sewn together at every seam. All walls of chicken wire are up.  The ENTIRE bottom floor has been sewn to the the walls.  I have to attach the bottom of one short wall and sew it.  But it's the smallest side of the whole run. Bob put in the threshold of the gate.  I have used every muscle, every tendon more than any trip to a gym.  I was out in the fresh air (wind) for 6 hours.  I can hardly move.  But for some reason I feel great!  Perhaps I can make a video of the "Chicken Fitness Program" that shows all the positions, muscles used, and before and after photos.  For $19.95 you can see how a chicken run and coop are built, AND get fit at the same time.  Only if you get up from the TV.   25mph winds are forecasted for this afternoon.  Here I go!

What is left?
1. Attach bottom of last wall.
2.  Put wire in "transom" areas.
3. Horse fence attached on 2 short walls.
4.  Sew horse fence (my friend Charlie is coming to do this Sunday) to chicken wire for coyote proofing.
5.  Gate.

Galvanized steel wire sewed all corners and edges together.

Oh this blogger's acting up again.  Someone with more experience write to me with help.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. That's a lot of work - it's really looking nice. You may have to change the name to chicken "palace". I've really been enjoying all of your blogs!

  2. It's looking great!! So secure, no predators will find their way into that compound! They're sure to love it, even if they don't appreciate all of the hard work invested! ;)