Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Are These Birds?


Here is the latest video.  I shot it with my pocket camera.  They are the funniest looking things.  I am absolutely in love with some of them who have earned names.  "Tallulah, Irma, Renee" for starters.
I think I need help with names.  Today was one of those days that nothing went as planned.  I made no progress on "Fort Chicken."  Hoping tomorrow will bring the end.  My friend Charlie is coming to help.
Bob doesn't know it, but I'm snagging him in the morning to help put the horse fence on the two small sides.
"Myster E"

Click on the link below for the video.

The large blonde who comes the closest is "Tallulah" (the real Tallulah, you know who you are :-)
"Irma" is the prettiest of the black Cochins.  "Renee" is the first Dominique to really feather out in a barred pattern.  One moment they look like prehistoric dinosaurs, and the next emus with long out stretched necks.  The feathers are so tiny.  And Myster E the "surprise" bird looks nothing like a chicken. He looks like a house sparrow.  Sort of the "Ugly Duckling" of the chickens.  When I open the cage, Tallulah flies into my lap, and Irma follows.  They get that "the Mama"  look in their eyes when they see me.  The Brahmas look as if they have leather flying goggles on.  I have to get a picture before their feathers come in.
"Yeah, we can make!"

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  1. Love, love these "ugly" little chicks, Suz. They will be beautiful some day. Thanx for sharing...

  2. Horse fencing all attached on the outside. Now to sew the 2 layers together...take that coyotes!

  3. Enjoying your updates. Cute chicks!

  4. My friend near here raises chickens which she names...and she was given a birthday card yesterday "from the flock" and her cousin signed the names of all the chickens!! Love your chickens, Suz!

  5. Lol~ definitely entering that ugle duckling stage! Then, they'll re-emerge as gorgeous sleek chickens! :) Everyone looks great, so healthy and curious!

  6. Awww, they're all so cute!! And funny looking at that stage!! Haha, they all have their feathers coming in ;) Ohmygosh, Irma & Tallulah sounds soooo sweet <3 <3 Out chicks haven't really figured out that we're their "moms". Some of them still dread coming out and being held ;D We have a few that love to snuggle, though! One little guy (named Hugo) likes to perch on my shoulder- although I have to hold him because he's not that sturdy ;)
    We also have a "rare' mystery chicken! His name is Bull (or Sawyer), and he's a nasty little thing!! Haha, he looks like an emu!! He's a clean, little bare footed rooster that already calls the ladies over to eat and already enjoys pecking us... Uh-oh ;)

  7. Tallulah has gotten so big! Babies grow up so fast.

    I loved listening to their little peeps on the youtube video! :)