Monday, April 4, 2011

Future Peach Pie

Gala Apple Blossoms
Today the nursery that I bought the most expensive tree I have ever bought came to plant it.  I can't say they were tip top, like the guy last year.  They were very surly, and not helpful.   I told them they needed to dig a bigger hole, but they would not comply.  I sent Bob out for some testosterone, but he was as helpful as Buddy our dog.  This peach tree  came in a square 20" crate.  It's an Elberta yellow freestone.

I went around the property watering while they were here.  The 3 apple trees I planted last year are doing really well.  It's officially spring, as our big desert ash in front is spring green.  Strawberries are coming back beautifully.  Now to buy some nut trees, and decide where to plant them.  My onions, spinach, chard, and peas are all up.  This time of year is so exciting to me.  I love to watch everything wake up.
peas, spinach, onions, and chard
Yesterday we had a huge wind storm.  As usual tumbleweeds are everywhere.  It was the day my son and friend Ami were coming to work on "Fort Chicken."  I have some crud that erased my voice, and makes me cough, and I feel pretty lousy unless I've taken some Ibuprofin.  So I was not going to work at all.  They all showed up in spite of the weather with 50mph winds.  They put the last piece of chicken wire on the floor of the run.  This meant moving tons of rock again, and sewing the seams together.  Out of love for me they all worked in the inclement weather.  I layed in bed and felt very guilty.  I owe them BIG time.
"Fort Chicken" floor 
They are growing!
The chicks are still being brought into our living room at night, as the temps are 30 degrees, and the winds have been brutal.  All doing very well. Except one seems to have a bad leg...I am keeping an eye on her.  In fact it's almost time to buy more feed.  I lay in bed at night and hear them peeping.  Somehow that soothes me.
Spring green in the desert is extra special.
Buddy guards the new peach tree. :-)

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  1. Ah Suz, your lovely post brings a welcome breath of springtime to cold snowy Maine. And a giggle too ... testosterone, indeed!

    I'll bet I know some folks who'll be enjoying your home baked peach pie, by and by. They deserve it, and so do you.

    And if there's a wee slice left over ... well, ahem, peach pie is my favorite you know. ;)

  2. I am so enjoying living a slower paced life in the country vicariously through your beautiful blog. I find it ironic and a little bit funny that my random comment about your Etsy store led to an invitation from you to read your blog. The rich life you live, your close family, your love of the Earth and it's creatures, and your awe of life's gifts is so inspiring. I feel guilty because you have given me so much and I have little to give back.

    Laters Baby,


  3. Thanks for your kind words! I'll save a piece of pie for ya.

  4. We all do what we can, when we can ~ I'm sure your son was happy to help, especially since you weren't feeling well! :)

    Love the trees, I can see Buddy already anticipating the shade it will soon offer... :)