Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Tallulah is a good flyer...not fryer
The chicks have gotten lots of new feathers in the last 24 hours. Mostly on their wings.  Today I opened the door to the nursery to stick my camera in for some new pics.  The bantam buff Cochins came flying at me.  They all crash landed and piled on top of one and other.  It's like the Keystone Cops with wings.  "Myster E" is the tiniest and has the most feathers. He flies the highest and the farthest.  The standard size breeds all watch him in amazement.  They are 3 times his size.  So his arial prowess could be his most endearing feature.
"Myster E" in the middle 
Standard buff cochin who poses for the camera....really, she does!

I will get out the video camera so you can see.  I am reminded of Molly the Owl. I watched her with 2 clutches of owelettes almost daily. The "Chicken Cam" will be born.  :-)
Little feathered chicken feet!  I doubt I will be able to eat any chicken with a bone in it soon.
I am still battling the "coughing crud" that is going around. I hadn't had cough syrup since I was about 5.  The taste of cherry flavored anything turns my stomach because of a dose of Vicks 44 I had back in the day.  Bob hounded me to take it.  I am here to say that it's as nasty as ever.  I think if I poured a glass of Dr. Pepper and left it on the windowsill for a week it would taste exactly like cherry cough syrup. Blech.

Thanks for reading.
Each day is a gift. Open now.


  1. Adorable!!! Keep us posted. Hope you're feeling better soon,"Chickie Mama"

  2. before this is over I will end up getting my own chickens if you don't stop making it sound so fun.

    As for the cough syrup… yuck-o. You can ask your doc for codeine, so 1 Tylenol with codeine pill at bedtime might help everybody involved with sleeping at your house.

  3. I so wish I could take ANY opiate. But they all make be puke!
    (never thought I'd write that on my blog!)
    Thanks for your good wishes.

  4. It's amazing how fast they grow, isn't it? I posted a couple of pictures on my blog today of our new feathered friends. :)

  5. Just poppin' in to say the chicks are as cute as ever! Feel better soon dear heart!