Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week One Chicks

Standard buff Cochin on left, and a Seabright "Myster E" on right.

As asked for, here are more photos of the chicks.  They are twice the size of when they came to us! They are also feathering out.  You can really see the feathers on "Myster E's" wings.
While I change their bedding, I put them in a box. They huddle for protection.

My grandson holds "Myster E" the surprise chic the hatchery added. He's a Seabright rooster.

A very tame buff Cochin hen.

"Chicken Ballet" is what I call these stretches

The last photo (above) is when I open the door to the nursery. The buff Cochins and a few Langshans come running to the door.  They know I am food and Mommie.

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  1. Oh .... oh .... oh, they are absolutely adorable. And what a handsome grandson! Hooray for Fort Chicken!!!

  2. They're looking great! Our chicks arrive tomorrow, my daughters can hardly stand the waiting! Every time the phone rings they run to see if it's the post office... ;)

  3. Thanks everyone!
    @simplysmitten: what kinds did are you getting?

  4. They came today, we ordered 25 and ended up with 30 assorted feather footed bantams. They all survived the journey, and that isn't always the case! I haven't seen my girls all afternoon, they're in chick heaven! I'll have to post some pictures soon! :)

  5. @simplysmitten. I can't wait to see the pictures. Please send me the link.

  6. I love it when we go down to our community farm and the chickens run like they are running from a cougar toward us! They are happy and know we have food for them. Such a riot to watch!