Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 323 Walk Like An Egyptian: "Samopatra!"

Day 323
copyright 2013 polkadot magpie
Sam is turning into quite a glamourpuss. She loves the bling, and fancy threads.  She has a closet that reminds me a bit of my wardrobe days in the movies.  Below her outfit waits, as do others in the studio.
Each day is a gift, open now.

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  1. Susan,

    My love of skeletons and all things Halloween led to my neighbor filing a lawsuit against me in Superior Court. He convinced nine of twelve jurors that I had decorated with these "mutilated body parts" to cause him mental anguish. He was awarded a judgment in the amount of $400,000! We are fighting to save our home. I saw your article in Costco Connection and hoped you would email me back so I can share our story in more detail. Thanks!

  2. Sorry to hear about this law suit. Have you filed an appeal? I would. Big hugs.