Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 318 Sam 2 Travels Home

Day 318
I couldn't leave Sam 2 behind.  I had many suggestions on how to end my relationship with her...but none would do.  Shipping her would be over 300 euros, so on the plane she went.  I had her shrink wrapped at the airport because he box was not too sturdy. 
We flew through Salt Lake City on our way home.  The TSA did their usual inept security screening of a plastic skeleton.  This held her up, and she did not make the plane to Albuquerque.  Delta found her the next day, and she arrived 24 hours after we did. 
If you are reading every day, here is this 2nd identical skeleton's plot line.  They were twins separated at birth, and now reunited.  She will need a name, and a stand. I left the cast iron one behind for weight reasons. So for now, she can only sit.
As I head down the final stretch of this 365 project many great things are happening.   Costco published a picture in their October magazine.  As photos are published, I will let you know. 

Each day is a gift, open now.

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