Friday, April 23, 2010

Sikh, and Ye Shall Find

Bob and Jot

Our lives are enriched my the different knifemakers Bob and I have met over the years.  This week we had the pleasure of hosting a house guest from up state New York.  Jot Khalsa  is a Sikh and was traveling to a meeting in Espanola New Mexico.  He showed us some of the knives he has been working on.  I learned a new word: "Kirpan."  Which is the style of knife in the pictures below. Jote has a website and sells all sorts of spiritual jewelry, and knives.  Bob and Jot have been friends for years.  They are opposites and look like a juxtaposition in their photos.  They have a deep respect and admiration for each other as knifemakers as well as human beings. 

How a Sikh would wear a Kirpan.

Ocean Jasper, diamonds, Julie Warenski Engraving and Inlay

Close up of the incredible craftsman(woman)ship
on this stunning knife. The letters are gold inlay.

Bob and Jot

Jot visited the day after another knifemaker Brian Fellhoelter was here from Arizona.  There 
was a huge difference in the energies of these two men.  I'll say no more.

Jot has several websites, all beautifully engineered.  For more of Jot's products check out: .

Thanks for reading. I'm still amazed that you  do.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Progress Not Perfection

My workbench adorned by Rebekah Potter's Magpie,
Virginia Lee's mini hooked rug, and my 
Angel from Regi in Germany.

Jimmy Hodges my spiritual mentor spoke words that stayed in my soul.  I am not one of those people who recites poetry word for word.  I can't remember monologues from speeches or movies.  When he said: "we're gonna move this building across the street.  One board, one brick, one nail at a time."  I knew exactly what he meant.  I am living that now.  So, here's what's happening at the "ranch."

The is the "progress" part.  The filling of the 8 (8x8) raised beds with good black dirt continues to be a palava.   The first few loads were a mulch and dirt mix. Those went well. Then came a load of mostly wood chips...did not order those.  Then a load of "just dirt."  It was New Mexico dirt, that vegetables won't grow in.  But I will mix this in with the other beds, and it will be fine.  Today I am supposed to be getting a load of "Black Gold" from the only place around that carries black dirt.  This layer will go on the top of the beds to put the seeds in.  I have enough material for 5 beds total.  So more will have to be brought.  But it is filling up.  Strawberry plants are here and going in. I see bags of top soil again...but this time I will have someone else unload them.  I am so grateful to John Paul and Ami for their help!
The Peas are up!

The peas are up.  They grow so fast every day that they remind me of the Jack In The Beanstalk fairy tale.  2 of the apple trees are filled with blossoms.  We are losing 2 big evergreens this year to a beetle infestation of 2 years ago.  I will replace those with aspens.  Our sweet tenant Andy who rents the guest house continues to ravage the property with his pruning, and make it more presentable. He's got bird feeders up and he claims that "they are pigs!"

 I use plastic cutlery as markers for my seeds.
I write with a sharpie on them.  Recycle!
The quail have nested in the arch that lead to the pool.  They run on top of the adobe wall in back. It is stepped in places, and I say it's the "Quail Stepmaster" exercise regime.  Our Road Runner is back and very active running through the yard on whatever mission he is on.  The Scrub Jays have nested in the barrel on the front porch for the 3rd spring.  The male is the most beautiful blue.

We have had company, and more are arriving this weekend.  At the moment Jote, a Sikh knifemaker is here.  I joke that I am running a bed and breakfast.  I do the bed part, Bob does the breakfast.

We are trying to get ready for Blade.  I have Mothers Day orders, and am being published in 2 national magazines this month (Parents, and BabyTalk).  I am sooooo excited.  I will be going up to Denver for Ethan's birthday mid May.  The first weekend in June is rolling toward us fast.  Bob continues to buy horn material on Ebay.

My Horny Husband in Gemsbok

Thanks for reading, I'm still amazed that you do!