Friday, May 22, 2015

A Busy Knife Wife

Last year we started a company called Terzuola Tactical.  The purpose of this was for my husband Bob to spend less time standing at his machines. When he turned 70, and had back fusion surgery he no longer could work the hours he had for 40 years. He'd had lots of design ideas, so now was the time to start making them. First would be to redesign his ATCF so that it was a "flipper", with a 3.5" blade. This complies with most US states knife laws. Second would be a tool in the shape of his dragon logo.  Having other people water jet cut, or CnC has been the bugaboo.  Except for our local water jet man Michael.  Thank goodness for him!

ATCF-EDC prototype

ATCF EDC Prototype
ATCF EDC parts

This year we have a booth at the Blade Show in Atlanta.  Some of the things we will have besides the ATCF EDC (every day carry) prototype are: sticker packs, danger tags in handmade and printed paper sleeves, Terzuola Beads, the dragon tool, patches, t-shirts, and the CRKT first edition knives. And much much more! In the next few days I will post all of our swag.
Danger tags and handmade paper sleeves I printed myself with the dragon logo.

Blue anodized titanium dual action opener
Our tool came out beautifully. We are very proud of it. The one in the photo is Titanium. We also have them in Stainless steel for the show only, as well as blackened Zirconium, and "dragon's blood red" Cerakote edition.  I'll show more before the show.  We've been told that this is the best looking and working one on the market!

My desk with several of our original stickers.

I have been a busy knife wife. My focus at Blade will be to find CnC machine shops that are ready and able to make our tools and knives, that want a long working relationship. Without dependable machine shops none of this will be possible.  We have cut our teeth on this issue, and look forward to working together.

Each day is a gift, open now.

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