Thursday, February 17, 2011

That's All I'm Saying

I don't know if these will really sell.  One never knows. But I started out with "It's not all about me?"
I designed 2 of my own type styles (former Art Director) a balloony letter, and a silly typewriter.
My dear Kenji laser cut them for me.  Each letter needs to be sanded, then bead blasted to get rid of the laser cutting marks.  Very time consuming.  I'd love other ideas if you have any.  I thought of making a chain belt, bunting, keychains.  Wood and bamboo are also available.

We tried cutting celluloid and it was in March after I am back from NYC with new supplies.  We'll see.

Thanks for reading.
Every day is a gift. Open now.


What's Going On In The Shop

Above, G-10, African ebony, and purple Charoite 

I am having a mid century modern moment.  Well days, actually.  I have been cutting out geometric shapes and playing with them.  The pennant necklaces have been quite popular.  I had my first go round with purple Charoite...and Bob made me a jig to hold the tiny triangles to drill holes through.  I find the thinner ones that can be drilled from the front please my eye more. 
The jig and pattern to cut and drill the triangles.
Today I am completing earrings and custom orders.  Maybe I will have time to put together some of the 100's of geometric beads I made.
Wooden heart pennants from exotic world wide woods.

Out to the shop!  Thanks for reading.
Each day is a gift. Open now!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Buddy sends a big sloppy kiss!

Taken a few years's now a tradition.

Lots of love to all. Thanks for reading.

Each day is a gift. Open now.