Sunday, August 29, 2010

Harvest Time with Mother Night

My view of the West from inside the garden.
The last bit of the sun slips into the horizon.

My kitchen has been in full swing for the last week.  It's that time of year.  I am trying to keep up and manage what is ripening.  As the days grow shorter I can see less and less blooms, and new fruit.  13 hours of daylight means about 9 in the vegetable garden.  As always things seem to ripen all at once.  So I'm on one of those "Jetson treadmills" or Tetris moments where the same thing is happening, just at a faster pace.  Bob bought me a beautiful basket from Peterboro Basket Co. in New Hampshire to carry veggies back from the garden.  So here are some photos...mostly from my iPhone of this food factory I am running.
 Tomatoes and green chili.
I roasted mine and put it in
the freezer in ziploc bags.
I oil a rag to wipe the bbq 
grate, so they don't stick.

Bob is getting ready for the Las Vegas Gathering.  It's a very social show.  We have new things on knives that are my doing...skulls.  It's pretty cool to have collaborated a bit.  I realized that I can't be hustling for the show.  We need someone to hold down the fort.  So I won't bring my jewelry.  I'll post it on the USN forum, and in my Etsy shop.

The skulls are new, and my direct influence.

Doing what I can to support Bob right before a show makes both our lives more manageable.  So I bring him tastes from the kitchen and garden.  The peaches continue to rain down on us.  I have them on their own ripening treadmill.  Now putting them into the freezer.  Later to make jam and salsa out of.  Waiting for the big ones that are left on the tree to ripen for pies and crisps.  I hope we don't miss that window while we are in Las Vegas.

Peaches halved, pitted, and brushed
with lemon go in the freezer.
Later we can make jams &
such with them.  I plan to make
peach and green chili chutney.

I downloaded Clarissa Pinkola Estes latest series of broadcasts: "The  Mother Night."  Her soothing voice always makes me feel the Universe is right.  I have so many images coming to mind when I listen to her.  It seems that when I listen to her, I listen to me.  My authentic self is front and center.  Filled with images I scratch down in my sketchbook as fast as I can.  I've been listening through my lap top while working in the kitchen.  Bob has chopped for me, and peeled for an hour or two.  We really enjoy this canning thing together.  Pickles when we come back from our trip.  Hopefully Dilly Beans too.

I don't have her on when he is there, because I relish Clarissa.  It's a no talk zone when she's on.  What a gift she is to my life.  Her series on creativity, and death, and wild women have made their spiritual mark on me.  If you have not heard her CD's, I highly recommend them for the artsy and creative types. She feeds the soul with her "curandera" way of storytelling.  Very Jungian for those who are analytical.

Back to the food factory I am managing at the moment.  And back to learning to see in the dark.
The "Sandias" last night.  

Thanks for reading.  Every day is a gift: open now.