Friday, September 18, 2015

The Road Sam Traveled

She was as happy as I was, you can tell by her expression.

Sam just came back with us from a week in San Francisco. We spent an entire day with a driver and toured the sights for photos with her. When we unpacked her, we noticed her arm was broken. And her collar bone was also broken. She has started to lean to one side. The seam in her skull was getting bigger and bigger, and was showing up in more pictures. TSA loves to unscrew her head to see if contraband is inside.  Truly these medical models were never meant to travel around the world, be put in and out of cars, or take the kind of manipulations we put her through.
Pacific Heights Limo was excellent for our day trip. And our driver's name was Sam!!

The Sam we had in California was Sam II.  There is still Sam III waiting for us in Germany, who will be shipped to London next year when we visit.  I bought her for my trip to Spain. And even though she looks the same as the others, her quality is not. London will be her final trip. And then what?  Well, I could continue to buy expensive medical models and use them until they fall apart. Or I could keep our Sams at home for studio shoots. Which is my plan.  
You can see the seam in the skull opening. 

While in Spain I made several photo graveures of popular Sam photos I had taken.  I shared photos of Sam III in the print shop. As well as those prints.  And it's time to get to work in my own print shop, on my own press.  Sam will be the muse for those works.  She (they) will continue to be dressed up, posed,  and taken to the annual Day of the Dead parade. These plastic bones have become part of our family in some strange way.  I admit I do talk to them sometimes. 
Photo graveures printed at Art Print Residence-Catalonia
As we round this corner with the Sams -- the book and other items will be coming too. I have to write  2 more chapters as an addendum to the project.  I will still blog about my life with her. But more about my life as a working artist printmaker, and those processes.  My chickens, ducks, and travels. As well as the custom knife world I live in.  After all, the name of this blog is: The Knife Wife. 
A preview of my birthday celebration.

It's a big birthday for me this year. I can feel the winds of change at my back. Sometimes it's time to let go. And it's time.  Thanks for sharing our journey.

Each day is a gift, open now.

Suz and Sam