Tuesday, July 14, 2015

365 All Over Again

From Arenys de Mar the Mediterranean in the distance.

On July 1st I started another 365 project. This time I picked an object to carry around a bit smaller than a life size skeleton. Something very close to my heart. Bob's dragon logo that we had made via water jet cutting into a a tool a few months ago. I had some cut out of copper and bronze for jewelry and key chains. I wear the copper one around my neck all the time now.  I can pop it off and take a photo with my cell phone. Cell phones have improved since I did the Sam project.  I hope it will be more spontaneous. I also have a stainless steel non jewelry version for opening bottles around the world.  Here we go!!

Sam was a bit put out, and felt she had been pushed aside for a dragon. I reminded her that she was in Spain for 4 weeks, and had her toes in the sand on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. She offered to buy me a beer, and open it with the dragon.  Hehe. Bona Tarde from Areyns de Mar.

Each day is a gift, open now.
xo, Suz