Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Ride Home From Girona

"I'd like a room please"  copyright 2015 polkadot magpie
copyright 2015 polkadot magpie

The ride home from Girona was much easier and faster. I chose a different route that was a toll road. One whole Euro and NO traffic circles. I was back in Arenys de Mar in under an hour.  I was a bit pokey in places where it was 120kph (75mph), as the road twisted and turned. Everything was well marked, and it was a breeze. I put Sam in the back seat in case I needed to ask directions. haha
Las Ramblas Girona
I thought about the Jewish museum and quarter. And it dawned on me why I am such a traveler. My newly discovered roots are my answer. Jews have been on the move since history was recorded. Probably even before then.  As I stood reading all this history, I wished as I have many times in the last few years that my parents were still alive. Why did they keep this from us? Why does my only living relative deny his heritage?  I understand my Great Grandparents coming over from London when Hitler started his rampage. Once safely settled in the USA- I can't wrap my head around the secret.  Those are questions I have come to realize will never be answered.  Thought I now understand my need to "go."

While I was roaming the streets of Girona the first day, Sam was trying to order room service! The next morning when I was up  and out before coffee with her we ran into many locals. None of which were at all pleased to see her. The men who were washing the streets (yes, they power wash all the streets and sidewalks weekly) looked up and saw her. One screamed in perfect english: "Oh my god!"
When we came back I met a lovely man in our hotel from the UK, Steve. He wanted his pic taken with her, and was quite amused. I told him she will be coming to the UK sometime next year, and he assured me they would love her. The Brits do have a wonderful sense of humor, and I believe him.

We are happily back in our seaside town, and I get back to work in the studio this AM.

Bon Dia! Each day is a gift, open now.

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The Road To Girona

I left Areyns de Mar Saturday for an overnight stay in the Ancient City of Girona. My mission was to see the Jewish Quarter (the Call) , and the Jewish Museum.  Sam was in the front seat riding shotgun. All seemed fine when I was driving north along the Sea. Traffic circles are the thing here in Spain. Once I headed inland it got a bit tricky.  I would come to a traffic circle and it would say Girona and a few other words...but which spoke of the wheel should I take?  I took plenty of wrong ones. It took me twice as long to get here. I stopped for directions forgetting my Sam was in the car.  Not the best idea to have a skeleton in the car when approaching strangers in a strange land! I decided I would only ask young people, as they speak the best English.


I arrived at my hotel and couldn't have been happier to feel the cool air conditioning, and be out of the car. It was 96 degrees when I arrived. I only had this day, so I dropped everything and headed to the "Call" and Museum.  An easy walk down streets that look like slivers cut into walls. Vines hanging down from everywhere. I bit like Tuscany.  It was almost 2pm and I realized the Siesta time would come, so I ducked into an air conditioned charming place for lunch.  Then went home for a siesta myself.  The heat really takes it out of you.

Oil and vinegar on the table always as dressings.
At 6:30 I ventured out for some photo time and a bite to eat. Tapas at this time of day is the most economical and delicious way to go. I even had a glass of Cava (Spanish Champagne).  There is something about the  potatoes in Spain that taste like no other potatoes I have ever had. I eat them daily, as they are so delicious!  I bought myself a toy. A wooden skellie, who I have named
"Samette."  Sam can't stop playing with it.
A sliver of a street

When I am home, I am going to carve a smile and a nose into "Samette's" face. I only like happy skellies.

Off I go- back to Arenys de Mar. Cooler with a sea breeze.  I have milked every cent out of my A/C in the hotel.  Wish me luck with those traffic circles on the way home. Adio Girona!

Each day is a gift, open now.