Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 4 of The "Rock Tour"

We had breakfast in the El Tovar.  One last meal, in one of the greatest lodges ever built.  There was a "paint off" contest on the rim that morning.  Artists had 2 hours to paint their view of the canyon. Which must be difficult because the light changes dramatically in short periods of time. The artists were hiking along the rim like pack mules with their easels, paint, and grear scouting their spot.  Many had set up their easels and brushes.  I wished we weren't leaving.  I so wanted to see what they rendered.
I looked through the same scope when I was 8.

We all loaded onto the bus for a short trip to a look out tower that was designed by a woman architect: Mary Coulter  who was in love with Native building styles from local materials.  Our view was good. I hobbled around...but skipped the stairs to the top. The helicopter ride the day before gave me a view I will never forget.  It was hard to top that.
A tree posing to frame the moon.

Desert View Watchtower
Off to Lake Powell past the Glen Canyon Dam.  Bob walked the bridge, and I stayed in the bus.  We were scheduled for a boat ride at 5pm on Lake Powell.  This leg of our tour was not my favorite.  Growing up on Lake Michigan has spoiled man made lakes for me.  We have them in New Mexico.  They are just holes with water in them.  We'd seen so many amazing things.  We began to call our trip "the rock tour" as we saw lots of rock formations.   I was having a great time, and needed a day to rest my still broken foot.  In the morning we would go to Monument Valley.  I felt like it was Christmas Eve, and tossed and turned all night. 

The Rock Tour Continues
The highlight of the boat tour was this boy and his dog!

Thelma and Louise: I'm coming!  A lifetime of imagining would become reality tomorrow.  :-)

Good Bye Lake Powell

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