Friday, December 4, 2015

I Guess it IS All About You

Flower crown from my friend Nora that made me smile.

When I met Bob he had just had his second cataract surgery 2 days before our first brunch.  He asked for me to trade places with him half way through the meal because he said there was a white halo around me from the window  in back of me.  He explained that he had just had cataract surgery (very romantic). We switched places and he looked at me and exclaimed: "It's still there!"  He was really running his game on me!  I thought to myself...yeah right, I've had a camera flash do the same hundreds of times.  Fast forward 15 years.

I went to the same eye doc who had done his surgery 15 years ago when I too was having trouble seeing.  When Dr. Weinstein came into the exam room he saw on my chart that Bob Terzuola was my husband and remembered him. He began to talk about the incredible knife Bob had made for him after he did Bob's surgery. He asked if he could get another after my surgery. Those of you who have been following Bob know that his knives are 5 times the price they were 15 years ago. I mentioned this to the doctor. He didn't flinch. I suggested he ask Bob, as I have been instructed to not ever promise a knife without Bob's grace.

What I wanted to say was: "hey, pay attention to my eyeballs!"  But the knife talk continued out of the exam room and into the hall when the Doc saw Bob.  Years ago a good friend's wife, Sheila had said to Bob: "You know, it's not all about you."  Bob was shocked and dismayed when she said this. In fact he's never forgotten it. And it's been a standing joke with her about this comment. He frequently points out to Sheila when it "is all about him."  So here we were again, and indeed it was all about him!

A few days ago I had the surgery, all went well. After they gave me the sedative and wheeled me into the OR, I could hear the Dr. telling everyone about Bob's knife making. Not again.  As I was coming out of the sedative they were still talking about Bob's knives. I remember little else, which is a good thing.  Bob and I had a good laugh about this on the drive home. He said we have to tell Sheila this story.

Yesterday I went for a post op check up. The nurse practitioner put the drops in my eye and had me rest my chin on the apparatus they use to look into your eyes.  Then he said to his assistant: "The patient's husband is an incredible knife maker, and made Dr. Weinstein a folding knife." Bob was in the room this time, and we both cracked up.  So Bob, I guess IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

Each day is is gift, open now!!!