Friday, December 4, 2015

I Guess it IS All About You

Flower crown from my friend Nora that made me smile.

When I met Bob he had just had his second cataract surgery 2 days before our first brunch.  He asked for me to trade places with him half way through the meal because he said there was a white halo around me from the window  in back of me.  He explained that he had just had cataract surgery (very romantic). We switched places and he looked at me and exclaimed: "It's still there!"  He was really running his game on me!  I thought to myself...yeah right, I've had a camera flash do the same hundreds of times.  Fast forward 15 years.

I went to the same eye doc who had done his surgery 15 years ago when I too was having trouble seeing.  When Dr. Weinstein came into the exam room he saw on my chart that Bob Terzuola was my husband and remembered him. He began to talk about the incredible knife Bob had made for him after he did Bob's surgery. He asked if he could get another after my surgery. Those of you who have been following Bob know that his knives are 5 times the price they were 15 years ago. I mentioned this to the doctor. He didn't flinch. I suggested he ask Bob, as I have been instructed to not ever promise a knife without Bob's grace.

What I wanted to say was: "hey, pay attention to my eyeballs!"  But the knife talk continued out of the exam room and into the hall when the Doc saw Bob.  Years ago a good friend's wife, Sheila had said to Bob: "You know, it's not all about you."  Bob was shocked and dismayed when she said this. In fact he's never forgotten it. And it's been a standing joke with her about this comment. He frequently points out to Sheila when it "is all about him."  So here we were again, and indeed it was all about him!

A few days ago I had the surgery, all went well. After they gave me the sedative and wheeled me into the OR, I could hear the Dr. telling everyone about Bob's knife making. Not again.  As I was coming out of the sedative they were still talking about Bob's knives. I remember little else, which is a good thing.  Bob and I had a good laugh about this on the drive home. He said we have to tell Sheila this story.

Yesterday I went for a post op check up. The nurse practitioner put the drops in my eye and had me rest my chin on the apparatus they use to look into your eyes.  Then he said to his assistant: "The patient's husband is an incredible knife maker, and made Dr. Weinstein a folding knife." Bob was in the room this time, and we both cracked up.  So Bob, I guess IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

Each day is is gift, open now!!!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day of the Dead Parade 2015

Our "skeleton crew"...all steampunked out.

Again, the South Valley held their annual Muertos and Marigold Parade. Thousands of people came this year-the biggest crowd ever. We decorated my VW with paper flowers, and skeletons on the spoiler that Bob so wonderfully engineered. Weather perfect, it was a great day. This year our theme was Steampunk.  
Bob and Charlie Z with their dogs. 
Bob rode in the car with me and had his skeleton dog hanging over the door. He holds it from the back, so from the parade views eye line you can't see his hand making the dog dance to the loud Latin music coming from our car.  Charlie Z walked and handed out candy in his top hat and tails.
I call these two silver an gold painted skellies: Sterling and Goldie Feinstein.
Sharon, one of my "Skull Sisters" was a welcome addition this year.
Hours of costume making goes into this. But it's all worth it when I see the pictures later. Next year's theme is already cooking in my creative mind.  We are running away with the circus!  
Daniel Kronberg took this photo while our car was moving! 
Until next year...each day is a gift, open now!



Monday, September 21, 2015

Turning The Page: One Bird At A Time.

As many of you know I LOVE birds. Always have, always will. All birds, rare and common.  We keep chicken and ducks. I have been raising chickens now for over 25 years.  I have my favorite breeds. I am always googling "buy magpie, crow, usa."  If I lived in the UK I would already have them by now. The USA is a bit stringent on keeping wild birds. I was told Magpies are not a protected bird. So that's why I go by Polkadot Magpie...freedom from Government "protection." Perhaps when we no longer have our poultry a corvid will come to me.  I've always believed that what I am seeking is also seeking me.  I know in my will come. In the meantime, 28 chickens and 6 ducks will keep me busy!

There are some true stories on the internet about relationships with wild birds. One that has thrilled me beyond all others is "Penguin the Magpie."  An Australian boy and his family rescued a baby magpie (not the NorthAmerican version). She's black and white- more of the markings of a Pied Crow. They have an Instagram page I have been following: penguinthemagpie.  A book is due out soon. The photos are incredible.  Recently she has flown away. She's of mating age, and is probably doing what a wild bird does.  We are hoping she returns with her babies.  We've had ducks fly away for weeks knowing they had a nest somewhere. They came back. I hope Penguin will too.  Molly the owl delighted millions with her Owl Cam. The world watched through the internet her first hatch with such rapt'd think they were the first birds to ever hatch on the planet!  So I know I have lots of avian friends.

I rarely show work in progress. But I am happy to show quick sketches in my sketchbook. I have been thinking of a series of crazy birds. There are so many real ones, that are fun.  Some will be turned into solar plates, some into Collographs. It should be fun. Thanks for reading.

Each day is a gift, open now.



Friday, September 18, 2015

The Road Sam Traveled

She was as happy as I was, you can tell by her expression.

Sam just came back with us from a week in San Francisco. We spent an entire day with a driver and toured the sights for photos with her. When we unpacked her, we noticed her arm was broken. And her collar bone was also broken. She has started to lean to one side. The seam in her skull was getting bigger and bigger, and was showing up in more pictures. TSA loves to unscrew her head to see if contraband is inside.  Truly these medical models were never meant to travel around the world, be put in and out of cars, or take the kind of manipulations we put her through.
Pacific Heights Limo was excellent for our day trip. And our driver's name was Sam!!

The Sam we had in California was Sam II.  There is still Sam III waiting for us in Germany, who will be shipped to London next year when we visit.  I bought her for my trip to Spain. And even though she looks the same as the others, her quality is not. London will be her final trip. And then what?  Well, I could continue to buy expensive medical models and use them until they fall apart. Or I could keep our Sams at home for studio shoots. Which is my plan.  
You can see the seam in the skull opening. 

While in Spain I made several photo graveures of popular Sam photos I had taken.  I shared photos of Sam III in the print shop. As well as those prints.  And it's time to get to work in my own print shop, on my own press.  Sam will be the muse for those works.  She (they) will continue to be dressed up, posed,  and taken to the annual Day of the Dead parade. These plastic bones have become part of our family in some strange way.  I admit I do talk to them sometimes. 
Photo graveures printed at Art Print Residence-Catalonia
As we round this corner with the Sams -- the book and other items will be coming too. I have to write  2 more chapters as an addendum to the project.  I will still blog about my life with her. But more about my life as a working artist printmaker, and those processes.  My chickens, ducks, and travels. As well as the custom knife world I live in.  After all, the name of this blog is: The Knife Wife. 
A preview of my birthday celebration.

It's a big birthday for me this year. I can feel the winds of change at my back. Sometimes it's time to let go. And it's time.  Thanks for sharing our journey.

Each day is a gift, open now.

Suz and Sam


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Georgia's Back Yard

It seems when you live in a place, you never get to see all the things a tourist sees. I decided to make a list of the New Mexico places I wanted to see before the "big move" West.  A good friend and I went to Abiquiu last week on a guided tour of Georgia O'Keeffe's home, studio, and surrounding property.

Georgia O'Keeffe is who drew me to New Mexico some 30 years ago.  I would ponder her huge paintings in the Art Institute of Chicago. I always was drawn to the unusual colors in her work. They were much different than any Midwestern or Eastern landscapes I had visited.  I had thought she abstracted the colors as well as the mountains. LOL!  Her skulls and bone work were close to my heart, as I too have always loved bones.  Then there was a huge exhibit of her work.  Included, a short film about her coming to New Mexico, and what that meant to her.  I stashed that on a shelf I would revisit in later years. She talked about her love of bones, and how she packed the ones she had found into a barrel and had it shipped back East where she lived.  Sounded like something I would do!

Then I went to visit a friend's parent's ranch that was about halfway between Santa Fe and Taos. Very close to Georgia's home. When we drove from Albuquerque north on I25 and I began to see the mesas, the colors of the rock, the vast blue sky. Outside of Santa Fe we headed West, and there before me was one O'Keeffe painting after the next. But in real life.  I had a feeling I had been here before, and felt at home. 14 trips from Chicago to New Mexico later- I moved. Only for a few years to send my son to a special school that taught dyslexics to read. Knowing Georgia had done it was my fuel. After all she had come from the Midwest too.

We started our tour at her house. When I walked in the door of her studio and looked out the picture window. I cried.  I could feel her presence even though she had passed in 1986.  After a lunch at the Ghost Ranch we departed with Karen and Kate. They drove us to several places she had painted. Again I was immersed in her artwork. This time it had the smell of rain in the desert.  I could picture her driving out with her paints, or sketchbook to capture the changing colors and shadows of the northern New Mexico landscape.  I cried a second time. As she had left, and so will I.

The O'Keeffe Museum and their foundation supports education and promotion of her work.  It's in Santa Fe:  If you are going to Santa Fe, make sure you book a tour like the one we took. Our tour guides were filled with a plethora of Georgia and New Mexico history. Well worth the time and funds. The only way to get into her house and studio is through the tour.

Here I am 15 years later. Met that knife maker who made me a Knife Wife. The kid learned to read. I am at an age where it's now or never.  So I/we are headed to California in a few years.  Did I mention I am dragging the knife maker kicking and screaming?  That's another story. Stay tuned. :-)  Georgia made a lot of trips from the East Coast to New Mexico before she permanently moved to Abiquiu. I have a feeling I'll be making lots of trips to California before it's a permanent home. Again, Georgia fuels me!

Each day is a gift, open now.



Monday, August 17, 2015

Venice Biennale 2015

The Grand Canal
Of all the cities and places in Europe, I love Venice the most. It has all the things that float my boat (no pun intended!).  Water, architecture, Italian, light, Art, and Italians.  It's almost a no wheel city. No cars, trucks, and bicycles. Didn't see one Hipster in the whole city, a contrast to Barcelona. I love to walk, and it's a place for walking. The Vaporetto is the water bus that takes you through the Grand Canal, and the view is grand indeed.  Riding it is always a Grand experience for me.
St. Mark's

The Biennale is the World's Fair of Art. Each country represented by a pavilion in the Garden location. At the Arsenal there are more artists housed in a building that is worth the ticket itself. This year I was joined by a dear friend Bob. We checked his pedometer on his phone and one day we walked 6.5 miles!  All the art is modern, and mostly conceptual, video, and there are plays and music that we did not see in our brief stay.

I did not get the names of the artists. That was my being relaxed, and having fun with my friend. Some great surprises...the fiber optic maze garden, and a wall (in 2 locations) of exquisite drawings.
Even the snack shop had fun crazy painted walls and furniture.
I hope in 2 years I can go back. But I will go early, or in October, as the heat and tourists were a bit much in August. Art, and Venice paired are a beautiful cocktail for your eyes to drink in. Maybe one day you too will go, or comment if you have been.

Each day is a gift, open now.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Final Days in Catalonia

Photo Gravures of Sam   
I have truly fallen in love with the life on a Catalonian beach town. The people, the food, the Sea! Few folk speak english here, and so I have had much time to reflect, make art, enjoy nature, and enjoy "Vitamin Sea."  The pace from my everyday whirlwind life-a real gift. And getting new memories since my last visit with Kelley, has been super healing.  Tonight I will go for a final swim in the Mediterranean.  Then begin my packing. Plates are packed, now the prints.

Sam went to the Post this morning. What an adventure that was!  Much different than the USPS. In America my post office workers are always helpful. People haven't got a thing to complain about, and I will make it a point to let them know when I am home. Thank goodness my host Jordi went with me and navigated the first opposition: "It's too large to ship!" to "Contents" that are on a non published list. We chose "medical equipment" as that was the closest box to check from the secret list.  Her box was under all weight and size requirements that the woman working there with the blue speckled hair was skeptical about.  She'll stay in Germany, until our next trip to the EU. I thank my friends Regi and Tom for hosting her.

I had my favorite Catalonian toast for lunch with my salad.  So easy, and delicious. Missing my tomato sandwiches from my garden, they are a welcome replacement.  Toast good crusty bread, cool to room temp. Rub 1/2 a tomato over the bread "just enough for flavor, but not too much to make bread soggy." Then a drizzle of olive oil, and pinch of sea salt.  OMG, I am not a bread or toast eater, and I could eat a whole loaf like this.

My hosts have been amazing people to get to know. They are a power couple by American standards. They work the best print shop I have ever been in, each with their own expertise, and talents.  I want to come back, but don't know if I ever will. I thank Jordi and Claudia for EVERYTHING!  And I will miss my friend "Duardo" the cat, and his constant love.

Each day is a gift, open now!