Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice

G'Dawg and Eman at Big Trees. I walked a mile trail with this foot.

Summer is officially here. Yesterday was the solstice. The days are the longest they will be all year. I always feel energized and ready to tackle the world at the beginning of Summer.  However this year I have a broken foot.  And I really need to cool my heels so it will heal.  It is not in my nature to be sedentary.  I normally run from shop, studio, garden, chickens, laundry, errands, socializing, cooking as if someone is chasing me.  I am known to wear out small children. :-)  I have ALWAYS been this way.  There just seems to be so much I want to do, and I am excited to be and do.  Boredom is not something I know very well.
A front page favorite on Etsy.  Sold, sold, and sold :-)

Recently we had a visitor who Bob has known for years.  Joan is an easy going aging Santa Fe hippie.  She floats from one thing to the next. Rarely with a plan, and seems to always get there.  Bob had mentioned she might stay here on her way from Mexico to Santa Fe. She's done it before.  I always enjoy our conversations.  She is a dear.  I wanted to share the fun story of how Bob met Joanie years ago, before I had arrived in his life.
E's favorite chick "Precious" posing.

Bob's son Dan, a new driver, backed into Joan's car that was parked on the street.  Bob was paying for the damages, and Joan had come to pick up a check at his house.  Bob's ex-wife Gail was visiting also.  When Gail left, she was in a hurry.  Bob and Joan were talking in his shop.  They heard a huge "crunching sound", and looked out the window.  Gail had backed into Joan's newly repaired car in Bob's driveway.  You can't make this stuff up!  Joan and Bob were forever bonded as friends from that moment on.  They both chuckle every time this story is told.
Our visit with the Elephants is still in my mind.

I feel Joan arrived to give me a message...chill out Baby! And time to do some drawing and painting.

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