Monday, September 19, 2011

Sedona and The "Hole"

I thought I would be blogging much sooner.  However, the lodges we were at had little wifi hookup.
Bell Rock
Anyway here I  am.  We went through Sedona on our way to the "Hole" aka Grand Canyon.  The red rocks against the blue sky were breathtaking.  Sonora Cactus dotting the landscape in almost a human way.

Sonora Cactus

 Our view at lunch.

They hold up their tourists right out side shops in broad daylight! :-)

Blogger is acting up. So I will have to finish in the caption mode.
We drove to the Grand Canyon after this.  As a child my parents took me
to the GC and my father kept referring to it as "the hole."  I would say, it's
the most magnificent hole I have ever seen.  More on the GC in the next blog.
Thanks for reading.
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