Thursday, November 24, 2011

Greetings From Roma

Pompeii yesterday

Today is Thanksgiving in the US.  We are in Rome and probably will be have pizza at our favorite place here tonight.  Bob and I have been spending most of our Thanksgivings in Rome.  I must admit a guilty pleasure of not wrestling with the "bird" and not missing football a bit.  We were blessed with the good fortune of an apartment in Rome.  I think this is our last year here.  Although, if I could find a way to move here permanently, I would.  Italy is my most favorite place I have visited on the Globe.
Bob holds up Pompeii in one hand :-)

The Greeks, they are everywhere.

Yesterday we took a day tour to Pompeii, and the Amalfi Coast.  Stopping for lunch in Positano.  My brief walk on the beach in Amalfi was filled with sea air, and beach glass.  I have collected beach glass from all over the world, and stones that I keep in 2 glass jars next to my tub.  I call them lovingly: "my travels in a jar."  When I soak in the tub, I look at them and remember where I picked them up.  Pompeii also rewarded me with a stone of gray lava tucked in my pocket. 
"De Cappo de Canne"

There should be a photo book for all the dogs we saw in the ruins of Pompeii.  They lay on the marble stones sunning themselves.  All wearing collars and tags, which tells me they belong to someone. They were all rather large dogs, and well fed.  I petted one (much to the surprise of our hand sanitizing tour mates), and he quietly followed me for the two hour tour.  He kept a polite distance.  It was all I could do to keep myself from kidnapping him.  In Positano we were greeted at lunch by many local dogs who hang out where we ate lunch.  Of course the Corgi was the boss, barking at much bigger dogs who tried to sleep on the public benches.  With just a few barks....she commanded their obedience and was successful. A calico cat posed under a terra cotta urn.  She knew it was the perfect backdrop. 

Happy Thanksgiving to my American buds celebrating today.
Afternoon sweets and wine.

Ciao, ciao.  Thanks for reading.
Each day is a gift, open now.