Thursday, August 26, 2010

From the Front Porch

Good morning from the front porch.  It's been a bustling morning here.  I should be getting ready for the Las Vegas "Gathering" show. However, there is just too much to do here.  It's harvest time. This means canning, and watching or ripening fruits and veggies so the varmints don't get them first. We've had huge winds and branches down.  Clean up as well as fruit that wasn't quite ripe to deal with.  The dinning room table is lined with brown paper bags with ripening peaches. There is a stack of boxes with peaches ripening.  I find by dinner time, I am out of gas.  This is something new for me.  So I try and get as much done before I run out of steam.

Just Peachy
Above the pears that came from our tree.  Some fell, some were picked by me climbing a 10 ft. ladder while Bob held the ladder.  When there were little holes or nicks in the pears, I put masking tape over them.  Some ripened as if they had their own skin, others just rotted.  Why, I have no clue.  I made pear marmalade, and pear butter.  Also, some green tomato jam for the first time.  Helping me was a new tool that I bought a Williams Sonoma.  It's a silicone spatula that gets into the edge of the pots while cooking.  It kept fruit from burning and sticking while boiling.  It's my new best friend. :-)

The pumpkins and various squash continue to get bigger. Lots of peppers, green beans, and tomatoes, strawberries,  and peaches are yet to be picked.

Thanks for reading.
Every day is a now.  

xo Suz

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saturday Morning Indian Market 2010

Bob and I fell in love with this painting when we came to  Mateo's studio before it was even finished.Here it hang's at Blue Rain Gallery who represent many top Native artists.
Bob and I got up before dawn.  I made coffee, and we got in the car and drove to Santa Fe. As the sun came up over the mountains, it cast rays of light on our drive.  The mesas were lit from the East...and I wish I had pulled over to take a photo.  But we were chomping at the bit to get there.  The pictures will tell it all.  Enjoy.
Above Mateo at his booth and a Deer Dance painting. 
My photo does not do it justice...the sky is turquoise
against the orange of the adobe. Stunning.
Bob and Ryan Singer stand in front of his
painting about the oil spill.
Ryan just printed posters of this
painting that are for sale.
A collaboration with Ryan Singer. We all listen to 
"Coast to Coast" while working in our shops!

Pat Pruitt and Marla Allison stand in front of their booth.
Pat's new stainless steel and ray skin concho belt.  
Bad ass, and first place ribbon!
Marla talking to a customer about her work.

We wove our way through the crowd.  By 10am one could hardly get in to see the booths.  The energy was high, and photos following are just of some pieces that caught my fancy.
Pilar Agoyo's dragonfly purses walked by!
My favorite hat this year.
These are made of clay and stand about 5'
Inuit Grizzly

To say I was inspired, would be an understatement.  I came home and took out my sketchbook and drew many new ideas.  There were so many incredibly beautiful pieces...I got overwhelmed.  Soon it will be a pot or story doll we purchase.  I looove the corn maiden dolls.  Next year, God willing and the creek don't rise--I will stay the whole day so I can see the dancing and music.  If you have never been to Indian Market in Santa Fe, you should go.  If crowds are not your thing...then go early! :-)
If you can't get to Indian Market, make sure and go to Blue Rain Gallery:   Tony Abyeta, Tammy Garcia, Preston Singletary, Randal Lagro join Mateo and Marla to make this gallery the premier showcase it  is.
David Bradley's homage to "the Bunny"
When I saw this, tears came to my eyes.
I still miss him, I guess I always will.

We ended our morning at The Plaza Restaurant.
Watermelonade...mmmmm so sweet and refreshing.

Thanks for reading!  Every day is a now.