Saturday, June 18, 2011

G-Dawg and Mr. E

A new favorite...Silkies, E really loved them all grown up.

16 days with  Grandma: aka "G-Dawg."  Ethan left today after  being with us for16 days.  Our trip to the Elephants and Giant Sequoias in California started it.   The time flew.  We went to ceramics, played in the pool, played with chicks and chickens, movies, 2 nights of serious Texas Hold'em, a visit to the "In Plain Sight" set,  photography, bacon cheese burgers, birthday party, many of my colorful friends, chasing me through Target and Walmart on my electronic scooter, and countless real time talking and sharing, and laughing. Lots of laughing!
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Cast chairs at the set of "In Plain Sight"
G'Dawg burning rubber in Walmart

My boot cast makes an excellent perch
4 new Aussies, "Precious" posing on the right.
E and Precious...both are precious !
It takes me a day to get used to not having him here. It was an incredible visit.  
Memories to last a life time.  
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Elephant Video

Here is a short video we took in the rain:

Nick playing with Brian and hose :-)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Australorps and Elephants

The 4 new Australorp chicks.
Last week I went to pick up 4 baby chicks from a local chicken breeder who was supposed to trade chicks with me in early May.  Typical New Mexico style he emailed me 6 weeks late (after I had sold the pullets to trade) and said "your chicks are ready." They are Australorps, a large breed, black, clean legged, and usually very gentle. They also lay very large eggs. My son had asked for them when I told him I would be getting chicks. However, Murray-McMurray were out of that breed.

They were 10 days old when I got them.  They had never been near a human.  It's obvious, as they are totally freaked out by me and Ethan when we attend to them.  I will try to hold them and tame them the best I can.  I'm on a mission!  They hide under anything they can.  I recommend to those who have never had chicks to get day old ones, so they can pattern with you.  My other chicks...who are adolescents hear my voice and are all lined up at the coop gate waiting for me.  Some hopping on their a-frame and talking to me to get my attention.  They, as you may remember came to me a day old and I am the Mother Hen.
Maggie and Lulu

What glaring dichotomies baby chicks and full grown elephants are. 
The entrance to P.A.W.S.
We went to P.A.W.S. in San Andreas California.  Ethan and I had waited long for this event.  The weather said rain all day and 50 degrees.  I haven't had that weather since I was in NYC.  Our tour began with looking at several Asian females: "Maggie, Mara, and Lulu."  Maggie and Mara had worked in a circus over 25 years ago.  We were told when they saw  each other, they ran together like old girlfriends who hadn't seen each other in years.  They are now inseparable.
Our group in the rain
Maggie on her way to see us.
Maggie getting as close to us as she can.
Maggie and Lulu

"Nicholas" is an Asian bull.  He was trained to ride a tricycle in a circus by 2, and by 4 he had enough of riding a tricycle and became aggressive.  At that time he was locked in a stall until he was rescued at 13 by PAWS.  9 years is a long time.  Ethan and I had a hard time getting our heads around what this elephant did for 9 years in a stall.  Humans in jail even get an hour out a day.
Nick's ear to ear grin
Nick clowning for us
Nick's own water park
Fire hosed and loving it.
When Nick saw his trainer, and our group coming over the hill, he began to walk back and forth. Then he sat on one "cheek", then another.  He was clearly smiling.  We could see it.  A fire hose was turned on and a shower of showers started. Nick sucked the water up his trunk, then hosed himself repeatedly with water.  He'd lift one foot at a time and got an elephant pedicure.  Leaning on the huge steel bars to get closer to us.  The smile never left his face, or ours.  We stood in the rain ( elephants like the rain) freezing, and not really caring about anything but elephants.
The elephant jacuzzi they built for therapy
Nick's polkadotted ear for examination.
We ate lunch inside an elephant barn, as it was inclement outside.  Then followed the director and staff to the newest barn where Nick met us.  We passed a huge bull (whose name I don't remember) who had his tusks cut and capped with steel and chained together.  He eyed us suspiciously. One could see by his posture, that he was broken. He'd only been with PAWS 6 months.  They had a long road ahead to gain his trust.  The director fed him lots of fruit, and bran. We watched his trunk scoop up food from the floor with amazing accuracy.  This is the barn where they are seen by the vet, and given medicine if they need it.
The new bull hiding from us.

It was an adventure we will never forget.  I'm happy to check it off my bucket list.  Our first trip together. Amazing memories.  I gave Ethan my camera I used on the set for years.   He took beautiful photos, and learned iPhoto on our trip home in the airport.  I think he is planning an Etsy shop that sends most of the proceeds to PAWS. If you can, go see them. Worth the time and expense.  Here is their website:

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Each day is a gift. Open now.