Thursday, August 11, 2011

Coop-Mahal Day 1

Former costuming wagon, turned to paint wagon. :-)

Just a few photos of beginning construction.  Bob and Alex really work well together.  I am the resident painter and designer. We discovered a local lumber yard that delivers, and even cuts pieces with a phone order at NO charge: Hunter Lumber.  I will be happy to take down the ugly green shade cloth (the only color they had when I really needed more).  Somehow Bob went from a 12' to a 10' he'll be putting the nesting boxes on the outside, which will not be easy.  I want my girls to have enough room to roam inside in cold weather.
The floor/base that I polyurethaned yesterday.

My son's face is blurred at his request. Bob makes sure they are really accurately measured.

The end sides on top of the patio table.
Coat 1 on grooved plywood.
 And so here comes day 2.  I will be the painter.  Still looking for small windows that are reasonably priced.  I think we will end up making them ourselves.  Of course the girls clucked and called to the guys the whole time they were building the floor.  And some are VERY loud. :-)
Thanks for reading.  Each day is a gift. Open now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The "Coop-Mahal"

It will be something like this.

We begin construction of the final chicken coop today.  My son and daughter will be here all weekend.  As well as my grandson and my future daughter in law.  I am still "with cane."  So I will be providing support, funding, and cool drinks.  It's basically a small tough shed.  I'll be posting and putting up photos of the construction here.

xo, Thanks for reading!