Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer's End

Tallulah takes a swim on a 100 degree day
Update to all of you who have emailed me through my Etsy shops.  All is well, busier than busy.
I am moving my blog, but I have not had the time.  Chickens, travel, ducks, garden, canning, kids moving, college graduation parties, and house guests have kept me going non stop.  It's all been wonderful.   If I were taking the time to blog, someone, or something would have suffered. A few photos...and I am sizing them down so Google doesn't charge me for posting. 

In early June Bob and I were asked if we would rehome 2 baby ducks.  Aughh! We would have to build a coyote proof enclosure. We did, and a very long story short we now have 6 (yes six) ducks ranging from 3-7 months old.  Below is "Afro" a crested black who also swims in the pool with us. Of course we have a special needs duck! Afro has difficulty walking. But he swims beautifully.  All of the ducks swim in the pool with us.  As well as several hot chickens.  We upped the chlorine and pool pump runs all the time.  If you have never swum, swam, what does one say?  Swimming with the ducks is so fun I can't even stand it.  They dive to the bottom and clear the pool of leaves, between our legs.   They can actually stand on water.  Flap their wings, spraying us and each other.  We limit pool time to 1/2 hour (they have their own kiddie pool) a few times a week.  The last duck was a first place Swedish Gray from the 4H show at our county fair, "Matilda." 
"Afro" a crested black glides gracefully in the water.
The garden....oh the garden.  It's been an exceptional year.  Partly due to weather, and partly due to 3rd season of raised beds that have matured, compost rich. This year I don't have a broken foot, and have had total watch.  I have been pickling, canning and freezing the harvest.  Eggs, and produce purchased by those who have no time, or black thumbs have made it revenue neutral.  My goal.  I am toying with a hoop house and growing all year.  But traveling as much as we do to Bob's shows...who would watch/water.   Bob and I continue to make ceramic pieces together, my glazes getting better all the time. 
Heirloom Italian tomatoes on a Bob and Suz made plate.

My green chilis and peaches BBQ sauce, and green chili pickles.
Thanks for reading.  Still amazed that you do.